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How to make a Thanaka Powder Mask

Thanaka is a new ingredient for me.  I came across it when browsing instagram and became instantly intrigued.  But what is this powder and where did it originate? Thanaka, or Limonia acidissima or Hesperethusa crenulata is a common tree in Southeast Asia and is used for its medicinal purposes throughout the region.  It is commonly known as […]

How to: Cleansing Putties

A few weeks ago I showed you my Lush inspired Herbal Cleanser.  It has given me ideas for a few other products which will fall into the category of what I gave coined The Cleansing Putty. After I made the Herbal Cleanser I discovered coconut vinegar at the local independent supermarket. I also found some maize […]

How To: Lush Inspired Herbal Cleanser

I was inspired by Lush’s Herbalism when formulating this one.  Herbalism is one of their ‘fresh face masks’ which means that you will find it in their cold section.  It has a use by date of around 4 months from manufacture, after which it is likely to start going off.  So keep that in mind when […]

Ghee Soap Inspired by India

I have wanted to make soap from ghee for quite a while but didn’t know what the SAP value was, until it was pointed out ghee is listed in soap calc.  I also wanted to do something a bit different and drawing on the ghee, make this a bit more Indian themed.  Ghee is traditionally […]

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Rose and Walnut Shower Srubbies

This is a solid shower scrub with some extra special ingredients.  Most people like rose and this contains quite a bit of it in the form of rose flower wax and rose absolute.  I have combined shea and cocoa butter to make a solid body oil.    Ground walnut and almond meal aid exfoliation. I […]