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How to: The Honeycomb Soap

As you may know, I do like a honey product, and as I am revising all of my off-the-shelf products, I have decided to start with all things honey! At the moment I have a honey powder cleanser, gentle honey cleanser and a honey mask. I will be adding to these in good time with […]


Modern Cosmetics – A Look Inside

The authors claim Modern Cosmetics is “The world’s most comprehensive book about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin. Written by scientists.” The book comes as a hardback, in A4 format, and around 500 pages long. So what is in it? The first chapter is  ‘Natural Cosmetics – What there is to know.’ Here they deal with […]

Shampoo Bars – where to get your ingredients

We have had some inquiries about where to get the main ingredients for the shampoo bars in our book Make Your Own Naturally Balanced Shampoo Bars. Please read our blog post  Pro Tips for Pro Shampoo Bars  about working with different forms of surfactant in your solid shampoo. EU/UK Suppliers SCI – Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Forbury Direct […]

How to make a Thanaka Powder Mask

  Thanaka is a new ingredient for me.  I came across it when browsing instagram and became instantly intrigued.  But what is this powder and where did it originate? What is Thanaka Powder? Thanaka, or Limonia acidissima or Hesperethusa crenulata is a common tree in Southeast Asia and is used for its medicinal purposes throughout the region.  […]

How to make Cleansing Putties

A few weeks ago I showed you my Lush inspired Herbal Cleanser.  It has given me ideas for a few other products which will fall into the category of what I gave coined The Cleansing Putty or Cleansing Putties. After I made the Herbal Cleanser I discovered coconut vinegar at the local independent supermarket. I also […]

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How To: Lush Inspired Herbal Cleanser

I was inspired by Lush’s Herbalism when formulating this one.  Herbalism is one of their ‘fresh face masks’ which means that you will find it in their cold section.  It has a use by date of around 4 months from manufacture, after which it is likely to start going off.  So keep that in mind when […]

Ghee Soap Inspired by India

I have wanted to make soap from ghee for quite a while but didn’t know what the SAP value was, until it was pointed out ghee is listed in soap calc.  I also wanted to do something a bit different and drawing on the ghee, make this a bit more Indian themed.  Ghee is traditionally […]