Gentle Honey Cleanser

Gentle Honey Cleanser


Our Gentle Honey Cleanser is a 100% self-preserving formulation , this means we have used what we call in the industry, hurdle technology, to keep it fresh for extended periods of time.  This means that each ingredient is included at such a level to not allow microbes to grow.  This is ideal for people who are sensitive to preservatives.

And it is easy to process; it requires no heating or specialist equipment. Small batches can easily be stirred by hand and larger batches can be made easily and effortlessly with a regular stand mixer.  This is the perfect formulation for established natural cosmetic entrepreneurs as well as those still growing their natural skincare business.

Not only that, this formulation contains over 70% total organic content that would fall under COSMOS Physically Processed Agro Ingredients (PPAI); and it is 100% natural.

Please note this is a PDF formulation which is available for immediate download once payment is received.

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Why Cleanse with Honey?

Honey is loved in almost all cultures.  It is a precious substance used not only for its nutritional and internal health benefits but also for its external healing properties.  Honey is a humectant, anti-bacterial and skin purifier.  It has a naturally low pH and contains para hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin.There have been a great many studies that cite honey natural wound healing powers. It is for this reason, honey has become such a favoured ingredient for the indie beauty brand.We have combined the healing properties of honey, with a modern green approach, to give you a clever, advanced formulation that is luxurious to use, gentle and safe for the skin, yet easy to make.


A Great Addition to your Range

The Gentle Honey Cleanser is:

Easy to bring to market, due to the self preserving nature, it is not likely to need preservative efficacy testing.

Naturally self-preserving - The formula uses hurdle technology to keep it fresh for as long as a conventionally preserved product.

Minimal processing – No heating is required which is economical; it saves time and is energy efficient.

Easy to customise – change or add additional ingredients to your own specific branding needs.

Elegant and professional - it is an not only gentle on the skin but luxurious to use. It’ like a gel cleanser only made with honey!


What's in the Gentle Honey Cleanser?

Organic honey

A combination of two COSMOS approved surfactants

Organic glycerin

Botanical extracts

Essential oils

How does it work?

Due to the green surfactant, the Gentle Honey Cleanser will foam with the addition of water when applied to the skin. Despite the essential oil blend, there is also a strong inherent honey scent, so will appeal to most honey lovers.


What's Included?

Full breakdown of the formulation in percentages.

Full method of manufacture.

Equipment needed to make both large and small batches.

Valuable tips on processing.

Trade names of ingredients that are crucial to the formulation.

Suggestions for alternative ingredients.

Advice on each ingredient and why they are used in the product, possible issues to think about with each ingredient.

Full international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (EU)

Creative suggestions on how to make the product unique to your brand or product story.

Details of ingredient suppliers in the US and EU.

Packaging advice – suggestions on the ideal packaging for the product.

Notes on preservation and our reasoning behind the self preserving nature of the product.

Try Before You Buy

For peace of mind, you can order the Foaming Honey Cleanser so that you can try the formula for yourself before committing to the paper formulation. We have 100g samples of The Gentle Honey Cleanser for £30 each, including postage.   If you choose to go ahead and buy the full formulation, this will be deducted from the cost of the PDF.


We want you to be 100% happy with the product and the support you receive.  That is why in addition to the detailed instructions and advice given in the document, you will also receive a free 1 hour consultation - worth £100 - with every order.  This is to answer any questions, give further advice on ingredients and substitutions or suppliers.  We are also happy to give you additional advice on bringing your product to market as well as further support with troubleshooting in event of any problems.

Gentle Honey Cleanser Sample
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