Gentle Honey Mask

Gentle Honey Mask


Our Gentle Honey Mask is another 100% natural, self-preserving formulation. It is in a base of honey and kaolin clay boosted with exquisite vegetal oils and essential oils aimed at those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin.

It is easy to process and needs no heating. It is also an easy to follow formulation that can be made by both seasoned natural cosmetic business owners or novices to formulating.  If all ingredients (excluding minerals) are organic it is possible to obtain 100% organic certification under COSMOS/ECOCERT.

Please note , this is a formulation in PDF format. You can order samples below.

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What's in the Gentle Honey Mask?

  • Two different varieties of clay

  • Honey

  • Borage and apricot oils

  • Glycerin

  • Botanical extracts

  • Essential Oils

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Why Use a Honey Mask?

Honey is known for its exceptional healing powers, not only has it been used by most cultures for wound healing, it has been studied extensively and is even used in western medicine for that purpose.Here we have incorporated it into a healing, moisturising and gentle exfoliating mask. No only does it increases cell turnover, it will also moisturise and help calm inflammation for even the most sensitive skin. We have combined kaolin clay with anti inflammatory borage and lipid giving apricot kernel oils, as well as essential oils known for their targeted therapeutic qualities.

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Common Formulation Problems

One problem with natural honey masks on the market, is its tendency to crystallise and/or dry out. In the course of designing this product we have used strategies and give advice on how to limit crystallisation.

A Great Addition to your Range

The Gentle Honey Mask is:

  • Easy to bring to market, due to the self preserving nature, it is not likely to need preservative efficacy testing.

  • Naturally self-preserving - The formula uses hurdle technology to keep it fresh for as long as a conventionally preserved product.

  • Minimal processing – No heating is required which is economical; it saves time and is energy efficient.

  • Easy to customise – change or add additional ingredients to your own specific branding needs.


What’s Included?

  • Full breakdown of the formulation in percentages.

  • Full method of manufacture.

  • Valuable tips on processing.

  • Trade names of ingredients that are crucial to the formulation.

  • Suggestions for alternative ingredients.

  • Advice on each ingredient and why they are used in the product.

  • Full international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (EU.)

  • Creative suggestions on how to make the product unique to your brand or product story.

  • Details of ingredient suppliers in the US and EU.

  • Packaging advice – suggestions on the ideal packaging for the product.

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Try Before You Buy

For peace of mind, you can order the Gentle Honey Mask so that you can try it for yourself before committing to the paper formulation. We have 50g samples of the Gentle Honey Mask for £50 each, including postage.   If you choose to go ahead and buy the full formulation, 50% (£25) will be deducted from the formulation cost.


We want you to be 100% happy with the product and the support you receive.  That is why in addition to the detailed instructions and advice given in the document, you will also receive a free 1 hour consultation - worth £100 - with every order.  This is to answer any questions, give further advice on ingredients and substitutions or suppliers.  We are also happy to give you additional advice on bringing your product to market as well as further support with troubleshooting in event of any problems.