This is a solid shower scrub with some extra special ingredients.  Most people like rose and this contains quite a bit of it in the form of rose flower wax and rose absolute.  I have combined shea and cocoa butter to make a solid body oil.    Ground walnut and almond meal aid exfoliation.

I know how to make a body butter, but I didn’t know how much exfoliant to add so decided to  weigh them in after I had melted my butters and waxes, calculating the percentages afterwards.

This is the basic recipe:

50g Shea Butter

40g Cocoa Butter

10g Rose Flower Wax

I melted the above in a bain-marie.

Once melted I added the following

40g Ground Almonds

12g Ground Walnut shell

0.75g Rose oil


This is what it looked like with 1/2 the almond and walnut.

I gave it all a good stir and put it in some soap molds. I put it in the fridge to cool and when I took it out, remelted the wax and added the following;

40g almond

12g walnut

It just wasn’t scrubby enough!!

This is what it would be in percentages:


And this is what they look like once cooled and hardened;



This smells great  and very rosy.  It melts readily when it is warm enough, so it is easy to apply.  If you think it is too greasy I guess you could replace some of the fats with an emulsifier. This will enable some of the oils to wash off.   I like the fact that it melts quickly however, admittedly, it is not as hard as some of the ones on the market. If you prefer it harder maybe add more wax or cocoa butter and reduce the shea butter.  All in all I am happy with this first attempt.


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    • Rebecca
      Rebecca says:

      Hi Laura,

      This is essentially a solid block of fat. When used only the outside gets wet and the warmth of the water and the skin melts it. It dries in between uses. Being a solid mass that is oil and repels water, it is not likely to need a preservative. Also, because it is solid oil, you would typically need to use a water soluble preservative as you would need to preserve any water that pools on the bar. Theoretically this is possible to do with an emulsifier. I hope this helps.



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