If you want to bring a natural skincare product to market quickly, cleansing powders are the way to go.  They are require only basic external testing, and they are also extremely easy to manufacture, providing the formulation is correct.

And this is exactly what we have done with this formula.  You will get a breakdown of the precise ingredients and instructions you need to create not one, but two separate versions of the Brightening Honey Powder Cleanser.

Both formulas are in a base of mineral rich superfine Yellow Australian Clay and softening starches that add a creamy, luxurious texture.  Brightening extracts of honey and Vitamin C will clarify and bring about an even tone to the skin.

This document contains all the information you will need to make your own cleansing powder along with creative suggestions to make this a unique product to sell.

Read on for more details.

Why Cleansing Powders?

Cleansing powders originated in South East Asia and have made their way over to the West for good reason. They are typically multifunctional, can be adapted to the customers specific cleansing needs and often can be used as deep cleansing masks.

They can be customised to suit any skin type; whether they want something light and gentle or deeply exfoliating.  All they need to do is shake the powder in the palm of their hand and add the desired amount of water.  For a more intense cleansing and exfoliating experience simply add a few drops of water.  For a more gentle product suited to sensitive skin, simply add more water.  The customer is involved in adjusting the product to their needs which also offers an additional ‘ritualistic’ element to their beauty routine.

They have become a popular addition to skincare brands because they are easily adapted, suitable for all skin-types including sensitive skin and once formulated well, are very easy to manufacture.  The process requires no heat, simply combine the ingredients, and they are ready to package.

A Great Addition to Your Range

Cleansing Powders are:

  • Easy to bring to market, they need minimal testing.
  • Naturally self-preserving – They contain no conventional preservative but will stay fresh for extended periods of time.
  • Minimal processing – They are a dry product, requiring no heating. They simply need stirring.
  • Easy to customise – change or add additional ingredients to your own specific branding needs.

The Formulas

The document contains two separate 100% natural formulations for a free flowing cleansing powder:

The Honey Foam

The special ingredients allow it to foam and fizz before it bubbles.  It contains vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acid, surfactants, starches and natural gums.  Extracts of honey to add scent and all the natural goodness of honey.

Honey Bubbles

Similar to the above, this formulation does not fizz but has a creamy foaming action.

Both formulations have a pH range of between 5.0-6.5 so they are perfectly balanced for most skin types.

What’s Included

  • Full breakdown of the formulation in percentages for two formulations
  • Full method of manufacture
  • Advice on the particular brand of ingredients used where necessary
  • Suggestions for alternative ingredients
  • Advice on each ingredient and why they are used in the product, possible issues to think about with each ingredient
  • Full international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (EU)
  • Creative suggestions and advice on alternative ingredients
  • Details of ingredient suppliers in the US and EU
  • Packaging advice – suggestions on the appropriate packaging
  • Troubleshooting – common problems with powdered products is discussed and solutions given.

Try Before You Buy

For piece of mind, you can order the Foaming Honey Cleanser so that you can try the formula for yourself before committing to the paper formulation. We have 15g samples of The Honey Foam for £20 each, including postage.   If you choose to go ahead and buy the full formulation, this will be deducted from the cost of the PDF.


We want you to be 100% happy with the product and the support you receive.  That is why in addition to the detailed instructions and advice given in the document, you will also receive a free 1 hour consultation – worth £100 – with every order.  This is to answer any questions, give further advice on ingredients and substitutions or suppliers.  We are also happy to give you additional advice on bringing your product to market as well as further support with troubleshooting in event of any problems.




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