Do you have a burning desire to bring your own natural beauty product to market? Perhaps you want to expand your existing range but simply do not have time to formulate? If this rings true, then look no further!

Botanical Formulations specialises in plant-based cosmetic formulations. Our ethos is to develop natural skin, hair and body care that can complete or even outperform the non-natural sector.

Experts in Formulating Green

Our extensive knowledge of natural and organic ingredients can help you bring products that not only work well but are fit for certification. The types of products we formulate:

Anhydrous (water free) butters, body and facial balms, scrubs, facial oils/oil cleansers
Natural moisturisers – emulsions (face creams and lotions)
Botanical anti-ageing skincare
Natural serums (water-based gels)
Natural cleansers
Natural body washes and bath products
Natural hair care products (shampoo, conditioners, balms
Cold processed / natural / traditional soap
AHA/BHA moisturisers and cleansers
Natural toners / facial spritzes
Natural masks (clay / cream / gel)

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles that govern our work are set out below;

  • Products with outstanding performance
  • Legally compliant
  • Ethical and/or Fair Trade
  • Sustainability for you, the market and the environment


One of the most important aspects to product development is being able to communicate your goals and expectations in a safe space. After both parties complete a non disclosure agreement, we will listen carefully to what you want and the vision you have for your brand. We take a comprehensive brief which details the products characteristics, your target market, unique selling proposition (including any featured ingredients) and timescales for development.


We arrange for the relevant testing to be completed on the final product to ensure that it is safe and will perform throughout its shelf life. We can also ensure that the product is ready for any one of the natural or organic standards out there i.e. EcoCert, Soil Association or COSMOS.


As part of our service we can help connect you with The Soil Association / COSMOS raw material suppliers as well as manufacturers that can meet your need whether you want to start small or aim big.


Through her extensive hands on experience of bringing her own successful natural brand to market, Rebecca can advise on all stages from product development to ensure you bring your products to a successful launch.

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