New Product Development


Would you like to bring your own natural beauty product to market? Perhaps you want to expand your existing range but simply do not have time to formulate? If this rings true, then look no further.

Formulating Green

I specialise in formulating to green standards and if needed can meet the requirements of ECOCERT, COSMOS, NaTru or Soil Association to name a few. The types of products I formulate:

Water free products like butters, balms and oils. Emulsions and anti-ageing creams and serums, water based serums, cleansers, soap based products, natural cold processed soap, oleogels and cleansing oils, hair care products such as conditions, shampoos and balms. AHA and BHA products, cosmeceuticals, face masks.

I am also able to make mens skincare and body care and mother and baby products.


I am able to do a quick stability study of your formulation and can arrange for the relevant accelerated testing to be completed on the final product. I can also ensure that the product is ready for any one of the natural or organic standards out there i.e. EcoCert, Soil Association or COSMOS. For preservative efficacy testing it is wise to use an external testing house.


As part of the service I can help connect you with The Soil Association / COSMOS raw material suppliers as well as manufacturers that can meet your needs whether you want to start small or aim big.