Hello, my name is Rebecca. I am the cosmetic formulator behind Botanical Formulations. I have a keen interest in natural skincare, body care and haircare products mainly because they are challenging to get right but also, because, on whole they are sustainable and thus better for the environment. I also have my own award winning natural skincare range. Launching and running this business has given me sound knowledge of the market, legislation and practicalities of launching my own range in the EU.

I believe that cosmetic formulation is not just about designing a product, it is also about understanding biology, microbiology, psychology and cultural perceptions of beauty. Formulating for me is a form of art, it is about being creative and having fun in this ever changing world of cosmetic science. When I formulate for others it is also about getting to the heart of what my customer wants so that I can help them bring the best possible product to market.

I offer two services: Off-the-Shelf Formulations and Custom Formulations.  You can find out more about these below.


  • FORMULATED NATURAL – Only ingredients approved by the natural and organic skincare market are used

  • FULL CUSTOMISATION – You can use each formulation as they are or you can adapt to your brand identity or product story. Suggestions for substitutions are given within the product as well as some creative suggestions so that you can get the most out of your formula.
  • MARKET READY – Optimised so that you can bring your product to marker faster than conventional custom made formulations.


  • NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Custom hair care, body care, skincare and cosmeceuticals. At the end of the process you will have your own custom made product.
  • REGULATORY ADVICE – Provide advice on EU legislation and general advice on helping you comply to the laws of your region. Advice on good manufacturing practice, labelling and testing of your completed product.
  • ADVICE ON A SPECIFIC FORMULATION – Short consultations to assist with troubleshooting existing formulations, checking current formulations, and advice on how to tackle specific types of ingredients.