There are so many reasons to seek out Rebecca’s expertise. I have utilized her products and services for my business in SO many different ways! With her background I was able to trust her business ethic and advice knowing I could count on her for the correct answers every time. She is inspiring and and encouraging. I have purchased her PERFECT  formulas, and have gone to her for advice or business and natural skincare.  I feel like I am forever in debt to her and like she should own a piece of my company for all she has done. Thank you Bexy!!! You are a valuable asset for anyone to have.
— Rachel Wheeler, USA
Rebecca’s formulas are a great investment for skincare entrepreneurs in need of a solid foundation to build upon. The formulas are well researched, easy to make, creative and clearly demonstrate her vast knowledge of green chemistry. She’s responsive, professional and helpful with questions that come up.  Her consulting is also worth utilizing if you run into any issues with your own formulas.  I highly recommend Rebecca!
— Tami Blake
I recently had the pleasure of both purchasing a couple of Rebecca’s off the shelf formulations as well as working one on one with her through the consultation process of formulating my own custom face cream. I absolutely love both, the “Gentle Honey Cleanser” and the “Rose & Moringa Melting Cleansing Balm” formulations I purchased. These formulations have amazingly easy to follow instructions, there’s guidelines on where to get your ingredients and suggestions for substitutions, along with an hour of consultation, making these formulations customizable. This is huge value! Rebecca’s advanced knowledge and expertise in ecocert / green formulating is outstanding. Through her consultation services I was gifted a much greater understanding into the formulating process, my ingredients, how they interact with each other to create a stable and safe naturally preserved product. I started with a vision of what I wanted my final product to look like, feel like and how I wanted it to perform and Rebecca guided me through the steps and processes of creating my formulation from start to finish. With Rebecca’s consultation I was able to achieve exactly what I was looking for in a fraction of the time, stress and unnecessary mishaps resulting in wasted materials if I had not sought out her assistance! Saving me a lot of money. I now have the understanding on how to modify my formulation to customize as needed and still maintain stability, PH levels, the texture I want and be confident It will also pass microbial testing. I feel confident about starting new formulations unrelated to this current formulation knowing more about the methods taught to me. I highly recommend Rebecca’s consultation services and I will continue to work with her to assist me further in bringing my new creation to market and in creating new products.
— Ginger Blakley, Saskatoon SK, Canada
I found Rebecca most helpful with all of my formulations. We thought we had it right but with Rebecca’s expertise input, our products are on another level in terms of quality, stability and uniqueness. She has amazing knowledge in all aspects from certifications to marketing. Rebecca has been really patient with my endless questions and queries and she made sure nothing was missed or unanswered. I will surely continue to consult Rebecca with every formulation and highly recommend her.
— Anita Patel, Hong Kong, Zero Yet 100 - Natural Deodorant
I am so happy with the work Rebecca has done for me. Rebecca is extremely helpful, understanding and does everything to make sure you get the product you are aiming for. I had specific colors I wanted, texture and smells I needed my product to have and she made it all happen. Rebecca has been nothing but a joy to work with, and she continues to be so very helpful, listening and willing to discuss different product ideas, sharing her thoughts on product development and more. She has a very unique formulation style I appreciate, and I feel her heart and soul in the work she creates which is why I will keep coming back to Rebecca for product development, formulation help and more. Thank you so much!
— Michelle Achilles, By Achilles, Denmark
The formulations provided are very well thought out, using unique and innovative approaches and ingredients. They are easy to use and also to adapt to suit your own needs and tastes. I was happy with the level of detail in the documents and the customer service from Bexy was excellent.
— Thembi, United Kingdom
I received formulation consulting services from Rebecca and have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, speed of communication and sound advice on improvements to my existing formulations. The advice has meant my end products (after PET) are now more refined for my customers.
— Ann Dunkinson, United Kingdom
Rebecca’s passion for creative innovation is evident in her formulas. Her understanding of ingredient synergy is remarkable. Highly recommended.
— Lise Andersen, Denmark
Rebecca’s formulations are simplistic and exquisite. Natural ingredients are the heroes of her products and with her knowledge she blends them with geniality. I’m a beekeeper in Perth, Western Australia, and wanted to produce a natural face cleanser with my own honey, I crashed and burned until I came across Rebeccas website. With the Gentle Honey Cleanser formulation I was able not only to achieve the result I wanted, but also customise with Australian Herbal extracts. Rebecca’s technical support post purchase is excellent. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks Rebecca!
— Daniela Boksjo, western australia
I am very satisfied with the gentle honey cleanser, the formula is very simple and easy to make, but gives a very luxurious product that you can customize with your own extracts and the ingredients you have available, Rebecca gives you all the information you need to make a great product! I am very happy with the result!
— Iliana Licona Flores, México, Xixanthe Biocosmetica