Very Easy and Quick Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

355 x 355 himalayan bath soak.png

Who doesn’t like a long soak in the tub? This is a very simple bath soak that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. I have used lavender and chamomile as the essential oil blend known for their soothing qualities. To aid dispersion in the bath I used natrasorb bath. Himalayan salt is known for helping with dry skin conditions so will likely help if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis. The lavender and rose petals add some colour and interest to the soak but can be left out if need be.


2 % fragrance blend or essential oil blend of choice (I like chamomile and lavender)

6 % Natrasorb Bath

88 % Himalayan salt

2% lavender petals

2% rose petals  


1 . Add fragrance to natrasorb bath and stir until it is absorbed

2. Add the botanicals (lavender and rose)

3. Add the salt and stir until all is mixed well To work out your percentages to grams and ounces click this batch calculator

To Use: Simply sprinkle a handful in your warm bath and enjoy.