Whipped Body Butter

I have a Non Greasy Body Butter Recipe already but I wanted to make it a little less costly.

Hazelnut is a fairly expensive oil and it is also not readily available in the local supermarkets. I am going to be holding a workshop in East London in January and wanted my attendees to be able to get the majority of ingredients from their high road or local shop. I know it's possible to get grapeseed oil and cornflour (cornstarch) from the supermarket and essential oils from Holland and Barrett or other health-food shops, so the only ingredient that people will have to buy online is mango butter.

Today I made one righteous whipped body butter! Here are the instructions:


(Makes 300g)

Mango Butter (74%) 222g

Grapeseed Oil (20.5%) 61.5g

Vitamin E (0.5%) 1.5g

Cornflour (4%) 15g

Essential oil (1%) 3g


Firstly, melt your oil, butter and cornflour in a bain-marie. Ensure they are melted fully. Then take it off the heat and set aside.

Periodically go back and stir the mixture - this is important as it will stop graininess. Make sure you add the cornflour and the essential oil. You can add the essential oil under 45c.

So, you need to whisk, especially when you see it start to gel or solidify. But you don't have to stand there whisking continuously, just go back every 10 minutes or so and give it a whizz.   I used my Kitchenaid immersion blender with the whisk attachment and a heavy duty glass Kimble jar. The butter will look like whipped egg whites! Anyone that make meringue will see that this is very similar - you get peaks in almost the same way and the colour should be the same- bright white. It will be ready at about 25c to 21c.  I like to pot it at about 25c. When it starts to reach 21c you will notice that it settles and becomes almost like thick, whipped double cream - dense but fluffy. Here is a picture  I took after it had settled.

recipe for whipped body butter

Why not have a go at making one yourself? It's a lot of fun!! xoxoxo